Precidency :
1. President (Firany Dini Safitri)
– Responsible for all activities that held by EEC
– Maintain the existence and good name of eec
– Communicate with EEC coach and the Faculty of Engineering

2. Vice President (Indriani Kusumaningrum)
– Ensure the synergy of all EEC organizer when doing their duties
– Control all internal EEC activities
– Replace the president’s role when needed

3. Secretary (Yuyun Tri Kurnia Asih)
– Responsible to archiving all the documentation of EEC
– Manage the matrix of activity schedules, TOR, proposals and accountability reports with the secretary of activities
– Ensure that incoming mail is forwarded and received to the destination address

4. Treasury (Ilham Fathur Rahman)
– Treasurer is responsible for the financial flow of each division.
– Treasurer manages and records management of the EEC’s deposit
– Monitoring all income and outcome of EEC in big book