Human Resource Department

HRD (Human Resources Department) is the department responsible for the development and management of human resources in this organization.
HRD have saveral Programs:
1. DPJ (Database, Pickets, Jackets)
Workers who make database management, manufacture, and control picket schedules and make identity jackets.

2. Upgrading
Engineering English Club annual project focuses on increasing the capacity of knowledge in the organization.

3. EEC’s Anniv
This event is held for celebrating EEC’s Birthday.

4. Training Member
EEC member selection which is a form of recruitment function.

5. EPIC (EEC’s Picnic)
Program of EEC which aims to maintain emotional stability and increase management productivity.

6. Conference
EEC Member Conference which aims to discuss AD / ART, Organization Rules and EEC Chair Election.

7. Certified You
Program appreciation to organizers in the form of organizational certificates.

Nandha Arwiansyah as Coor HRD